Muhammad Juki’s Shahnamah of Firdausi

by Barbara Brend

The Royal Asiatic Society has in its possession one of the greatest treasures of Persian manuscript illustration: The Shahnamah of Firdausi produced for Muhammad Juki in the late 1440s is the finest surviving Persian illustrated manuscript of its day.   It includes 31 miniature paintings and fine illumination across its pages.   Presented to the RAS in 1834 by Lt. Col. C.J. Doyle, it had previously been in the Mughal Imperial Library - a page bears the seals of the emperors Babur, Humayun, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Awrangzib;  and there is an autograph note by Shah Jahan.
This is first time that the illustrations have been published together in colour.   Written by Barbara Brend, with a chapter on the notes and seals by A.H. Morton, the illustrations are supported by explanatory text and discussion of the narrative.  Chapters include: the Shahnamah and the early tradition of illustration; the Timurids and their patronage; the intentions and achievements; the Shahnamah of Muhammad Juki in the Mughal world.   Beautifully produced, it contains more than 100 colour illustrations.
The Royal Asiatic Society is delighted that the book has been awarded the Saidi-Sirjani Prize by the International Society for Iranian Studies, in partnership with the Iran Heritage Foundation.

Muhammad Juki’s Shahnamah of Firdausi by Barbara Brend, published by the Royal Asiatic Society / Philip Wilson Publishers, 2010. Hardback, 214pp, 141 colour illustrations. ISBN 978-0856676727

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